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Photography Projects


A limited collection of 25 Street Photography Photos taken in Norwich UK, Each photo is a one of one.

Jurassic Coast

Just For Fun 3D Projects

Into The Blender

A Collection of NFTs designs built-in Blender. All designs are 1 of 1s but some may have variations. 1080 x 1920 videos perfect for phone lock screens

Digital Art

A collection of Digital Art that doesn’t belong in any of my other collections.

Project Low Polemon

Low Polemon is a collection of low poly characters inspired by Pokemon. Each Polemon has 3 versions, Standard, Shiny, and Crystal, and are 1 of 1s.


I am currently developing a Creative Space Discord Server designed to foster a creative community for photographers, filmmakers, artists, and gamers. Whilst everyone is welcome to join the server, NFT holders will gain access to exclusive channels where there will be an opportunity for creators to share their work and collectors to find new projects to invest in. I will also use it to give access to my own personal perks listed below. Click Here to Join the Discord

More Perk info coming soon

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